Sihr (magic)

Magic is a form of devil worship in which people bring Satan ritual sacrifices, so that the Jinn do "supernatural things" for them, primarily harm other people. Allah promises people, who make use of the "services" of the Jinn, the hellfire [Al-Anam 128].

Magic can basically be used for almost anything, but it is usually used for:

- revenge

- harming someone who is envied

- acquiring illegitimate possession

- getting a desired woman (or a man)

- gaining power or success.

The sacrifices a sorcerer has to bring are usually signs of unbelief. He often has to do very humiliating and dirty things that we do not want to mention here. The greater the sacrifices, the greater the "services" the Satans perform for him. Animals, which are killed and thrown somewhere, are good enough for "normal jobs". Human sacrifices, especially those of children, are the summit of unbelief and the best "payment".

However, there are also forms of magic where there are no obvious forms of Satan worship and where Islam is even used as a camouflage. This is often found, e.g. in combat sports like Kung-Fu, Pencak Silat or self-defense techniques like Budi Suci, where one can also heal with hands. This type of "inner power" or "inner knowledge" ( ilmu batin ) also works with Jinn, but instead of obvious blasphemy, " bid'ah " (innovative practices) that oppose the Prophet's Sunnah is used instead.

In other religions, Satan worship is more subtle. In the appendix one will find a chapter dealing with this topic (Jinn in other religions and cultures).

Either the sorcerer uses a Jinn to whom he assigns a job, or he uses magic poison, or both, e.g. the Jinn infuses the poison into the body of the victim. Objects can also be bewitched, e.g. a car with which one always has breakdowns or even accidents; or a business which nose dives or where endless quarrels break out.

The most popular forms of Sihr are briefly presented here.

Sihr Tafriq

This magic is used to divide people and make them quarrel. In the Qur'an, the relationship between husband and wife is specifically mentioned, but magic can strain or even destroy any relationship.

Sihr Mahabbah

This magic is used to arouse "love" for someone and make the victim submissive.

Sihr Khumul / Junuun

With this magic the victim is driven mad. The Jinn attacks the brain.

Sihr Hawatif

This magic is used to instil a whisper in the mind, either to just mislead the victim or to motivate it to do something, maybe even to commit suicide (see incident in Düsseldorf in the preface).

Sihr Jilb at-Tahyil

This magic is similar to Sihr Mahabbah. The victim is brought to the house of the magician and abused.

Sihr Ta'til az-Zawwaaj

This magic is used to prevent someone from entering into a relationship with someone else, e.g. to marry. Either one suddenly sees the future partner in a very negative light, so that one no longer wants to marry him, or something always prevents the marriage.

Sihr Maridh

This magic is used to make someone sick. It can cause almost any disease. The Jinn usually goes into the brain and damages the corresponding nerves.

Sihr Nadzif

This magic extends the period of the woman's monthly bleeding so that the woman is constantly bleeding, which can lead to premature birth.

Sihr Rabth

This magic is aimed at the sexual organs of the spouses, so that their love life is so disturbed that it often comes to divorce.

Sihr Adamul Injab

This magic is used so that the woman or the man can not get any children, as the Jews threatened they would do with the Muhajirien so that they would not get any offspring.

Sorcery often manifests itself in dreams, where, for example, one is bitten, falls from large heights or is injured. Often one even sees the person who hurts one.

Different types of transmission

We can divide the transmission paths of magic into four types: eaten, stepped upon, placed in the body and done over distance.

Eaten Magic will in 95% of the cases cause digestive problems: gastric or intestinal troubles may accompany nausea and vomiting. These difficulties are usually permanent, sometimes they only exist for a short time and then disappear.

If a person suffers from these stomach problems and has other symptoms as described above, he can be almost certain that he is a victim of eaten magic.

Stepped upon Magic is often accidental: it was there for some reason, and one stepped on it. It mainly affects the skin: wounds, eczema (also psoriasis) and pressure points on the body and usually on the legs; sometimes at changing places and medically unexplained. It can also cause hair to fall or to cause weakness in the legs.

The magic will have only these physical effects for someone for whom it was not intended. It is usually placed in front of the victim's house. If the targeted victim steppes upon this magic, it unfolds its full effect and generates not only skin problems, but also other problems of all kinds.

Magic placed into the body is implanted by Jinn. The sorcerer uses them to send the magic to the spot where it is to cause pain and dysfunction. For example, in a woman, the magic is placed in the ovaries, so that she can not get children, or into the man's testicles, so that he becomes impotent. Or the magic simply prevents the Jinn who was sent to get expelled again. As long as one does not treat the magic together with the Jinn, the Ruqyah will be ineffective.

Magic over distance is the most classic and most common type of sorcery. Depending on where the Buhul (The thing on which the magic is tied. I am using here the Indonesian name and not Ta'wies because there is difference of opinion about Ta'wies. Please see the article in the appendix: "Are Ta'wies allowed?") is hidden, it has different effects:

  • If it is hung in a high place, it will dominate and envelop the person, and whatever the person is doing, he only turns in circles and returns to the same point again and again. Or he lives in a detached, imaginary world, with doubts, anxiety, indecisiveness or change in mood. It can also cause severe headaches or make him dream, he rises to high places or fall from big heights.
  • Buried in the earth, it sucks the power and the energy from a person, causing uneasy sleep and giving the person a depressed look and the mentality of a loser.
  • Buried in a graveyard, the person becomes "like dead", apathetic and depressed. He no longer sees a future, lives day by day, thinks a lot about death and dreams of dead people or graves.
  • If the magic is hidden in a well, the victim "remains at the bottom of the well" symbolically speaking, e.g. financially, and will never come out.
  • Magic with a chain or padlock: the person will be chained, e.g. his business gets blocked. It can also chain Jinn to the person.
  • Knots are often used to block communication: As soon as one begins to discuss, one quarrels. Or obstacles appear, and every time one has overcome an obstacle the next appears. Or "knots" in thinking: thinking always stops at fixed points.
  • Dolls are used by placing needles in them, which then cause stitches in the body of the person or cause diseases. The doll can also be burnt, cut, buried, etc.
  • All sorts of other magic of which the sorcerers always invent new ones: using tar to make the person appear dark, so that people avoid him; using fat to make the person fat; donkey ears to make him dumb; dog hair, so that it becomes mean and aggressive; frogs, so that it becomes repugnant and so on.

The above magic can be endlessly combined. If it is not treated, it remains a lifetime. When different types of magic are sent, the effects add up. Someone really ill-wishing can send so much magic that the victim soon loses control of himself and his life.

There is also serial magic: each time a magic has been successfully treated, the next one will automatically begin to work.

'Ain (evil eye)

A person looks at another envious, whereupon the other person is "broken", e.g. an industrious student suddenly becomes lazy, or a successful athlete doesn't win anymore. Children, and especially "sweet" babies, are often hit by 'Ain. Even things like car, business, house and other things can be hit.

'Ain can have both physical and psychological negative effects similar to those of magic and infestation by Jinn.


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