Ruqya treatment techniques

The following techniques are mostly based on reports of the Prophet s.a.w. and have been tested and partially further developed by Raqis. Before using these techniques, one must follow the initial procedures, as described in the chapter "The Healing".

Laying on hands

Uthman ibn Abil reported that he complained to the messenger of Allah s.a.w. about pain he had felt in his body since the time he became a Muslim. The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said to him, "Lay your hand upon the part of your body where you feel pain and say, 'Bismillah (in the name of Allahs) three times, then say seven times: ,A`udhu bi`izzat-illah wa qudratihi min sharri maajid wa uhadhir' (I seek refuge in the glory and power of Allah from the evil of what I feel and worry about.)" (1)

Place the hand on the affected spot for 3-5 minutes and recite verses from the Koran, especially those listed in the appendix or as far as they are memorized, and see the patient's reaction.

If a reaction on part of the patient occurs, such as crying, groaning, trembling, or burping, recitation should be continued until the patient vomits. Or try beating the affected spots or the back, and order the Jinn to leave the body, for example, by saying: "Ukhruj ya AduwAllah" (Out with you, enemy of Allah).

If no exact point of pain can be localized, place the hand on the apex of the head and recite, among other verses, Sura Hud 56:

Inni tawakaltu 'alAllahi rabbi wa rabbikum maa min daabbatin illa huwa achisun binaa shiyatihaa. Inna rabbi 'ala shiraathim-mustaqiem.

Lo! I have put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Not an animal but He doth grasp it by the forelock! Lo! my Lord is on a straight path.

Knocking / beating

Knocking or beating is the technique commonly used when when there was already a reaction after reciting Ruqyah verses. The goal is to expel the Jinn from the body, as the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. has done, reported in several ahadeeth, like the one by Mathar bin Abdurrahman Al-A'naq, who tells of a mentally ill girl who was taken to the Prophet s.a.w. After her bonds were loosened and she sat with her back to the Prophet s.a.w., the Prophet s.a.w. hit her back while he said several times: "Ukhruj ya AduwAllah" (Out with you, enemy of Allah). Then he prayed and rubbed his hands over his face, and the girl was cured. (2)

Instead of hitting the back, one can also knock rhythmically on the head (not too hard, of course), or on the shoulders or chest, as reported by the Prophet s.a.w., when he treated Uthman Abi Ash , who often forgot the number of rakaat in prayer. (3)

Applying pressure

This technique (4) exerts pressure by pressing the fingers on affected points while quoting Ruqyah verses. This technique is also suitable for locating the site where the Jinn is hiding by pressing along the blood channels, and on the spots commonly used for cupping (hijamah). One can also press along the spine.

Should a reaction occur, e.g. that the patient groans or screeches when one touches certain spots, one should ensure that it is the Jinn in the patient who feels the pain and not the patient himself. One makes sure the patient is awake by letting him recite Istighfar and talking to him. If the patient is not conscious or semi-conscious, one knows that this is the spot where the Jinn resides.

To prevent the Jinn from moving and hiding in another place, recite Sura Yasin, verse 9, with the intention of blocking the Jinn. Then blow on the index finger and the middle finger and describe with them a circle around the affected spot (counterclockwise).

Wa ja'alnaa min baini aidiehim saddan wa min chalfihim saddan fa-aghshainaahum fahum la yubshiruun.

And We have erected a wall before them, and have built a wall behind them, and We have concealed them, so that they can not see.

Then use other techniques to expel or eliminate the Jinn.


This technique is suitable to relieve pain as reported by Aisha when Rasulallah s.a.w. lay on his deathbed and recited the Mu'awidhatan (the two last Suras of the Qur'an), then blew on his hands and rubbed with them his body. When he was too weak to do so, Aisha did it for him. (5)

But the technique is also suitable for healing, as reported by Ibn Abbas, when a woman brought her sick child to the Prophet s.a.w. and and told him it was mad (possessed). The Prophet s.a.w. recited Qur'an and Du'a, then brushed the child's breast, whereupon the child vomited and a little creature came out of its mouth.

Normally one tries to expel the disease or the Jinn by brushing towards the mouth, e.g. along the spine or from the abdomen upwards.


This technique was often used by the Prophet s.a.w., both with a little spit and without. One recites Ruqyah verses and then blows vigorously on the affected spots with the intention to burn and destroy the spell or the Jinn, and to heal the patient.


During visualization one asks Allah for example to let one's finger be a glowing thorn in the subtle world with which one can torture the Jinn. Or one asks Allah to let the edge of the hand become a sword, the fist an iron hammer, the water to be poison and so on.

As the Prophet s.a.w. said, everything depends on the intention, and in the subtle world this has drastic effects.

Treatment with candles

A very effective method is to use candles during recitation. When the patient is lying on his back, candles are placed at his naked soles, which have been previously recited on, preferably two for each foot. The patient should see that the candles are not so close to the foot that they can cause pain or even burn, so that he knows that during the subsequent recitation of the Qur'an, during which the Jinn "wakes up", it is the Jinn that suffers, but transmits some pain to the patient, so that the patient suffers from the heat as well. This will hopefully help the patient to withstand the pain because he knows that it is not actually him being burned, but the Jinn.

The killing in the dream

One can kill Jinn, and possibly sorcerers and those who have ordered the magic, in one's sleep. Before going to sleep, one recites the verse of the throne 11 times and then the second part of al-Baqarah 148 minimum 11 times, but better 30, 50 or even 100 times:

Aina maa takunuu ya'tibikumullahu jamie'aan. InnAllaha 'ala kulli schain qadier.

Wherever you are, Allah will bring you together. Truly, Allah has power over all things.

Before falling asleep, one must make the intention of reciting the Qur'an on all one encounters in a dream and to kill one's enemies, whoever they may be, and to ask Allah to help one. When one does this, the person or entity one meets in the dream will try to flee. One has to chase it until one catches it, and then read the Qur'an, preferably the verse of the throne, or something that one remembers easily, until one kills it. One can catch the person or the being by grasping it with the hand in the dream, or with the eyes, for as long as one looks at it, it can not disappear. When it tries to flee, one recites the second part of Baqarah 148, and one will be able to easily catch it inshaAllah.

Should the Jinn press on one, and one feels weight on one and is paralyzed, do not panic! Do not fight with the Jinn, just grab it, recite the verse of the throne in your head until the tongue is free, and then continue to recite the Qur'an until the Jinn is dead.

One should not be surprised if one hears in the next few days of the death of the person suspected of sorcery.

(1) Thabrani in al-Haitsami, Majma'uz Zawa'id 9/3
(2) Ibn Majah
(3) Reported by Aisha r.a. and Sufyan bin 'Uyainah r.a.
(4) Buchari, Muslim


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