If a patient refuses treatment

Some people have acquaintances or relatives who seem to have problems with Jinn or magic but do not want to be helped, perhaps because they do not believe in Ruqyah or are already blocked by the Jinn. This raises the question of whether one may treat the person concerned with Ruqyah without his knowledge or without his consent.

This is not recommended at all! First, it is illegal, and that could not only put the patient at risk, but the Raqi as well. In addition, it is very difficult from the perspective of Ruqyah to treat a patient who does not cooperate. In such cases we would advise the following:

  • It should be recognised that help comes only from Allah. Therefore, one should turn to Him with much Du'a, night prayer and the like. When Allah turns the heart of the patient to Islam and in search of the treatment he needs, there is no magic that can stop that.

  • One should try to encourage and advise him. If he does not want to listen to one, then one should try if someone else can talk to him, whom he might want to listen to. The way people are convinced is obviously different for every person, but some people respond well to being challenged, like saying to them, "well, if there's nothing wrong with you, you won't mind having some Qur'an read over you." Some people respond very badly to that and they respond better to more positive messages and gentle encouragement. Sometimes it works not to tell people about Ruqyah, but just to recommend that they go to see a certain Raqi and let the Raqi take the responsibility of convincing them of what needs to be done.

  • Don't limit your encouragement to Ruqyah alone. The patient most likely needs to do more to practise Islam - even more than they need Ruqyah to be done. Ruqyah can be of limited effectiveness with someone who isn't completely committed practising Islam anyway, as Satan has such a hold over them. Make sure that you begin by attaching their heart to Allah, convincing them to pray if they are not praying five times a day, and fulfilling the other basic Islamic obligations. Once the patient is doing those, you can slowly build them up to doing other good deeds, like reciting the Qur'an, and this will naturally bring them closer to Allah, and closer to seeking a cure from Him. Remember, that your actions and your belief come together, so if there are any issues in the patient's belief, such as seeking help from other than Allah, traditional/cultural misconceptions, and so on, you need to clear those out first, before starting any Ruqyah programme.


Travel to visit a Raqi

There is no doubt that the number of people seeking Ruqyah has grown strongly. However, the desperate search for help, which is often associated with a lot of money and travels, is very problematic for the following reasons:

  • From the perspective of trust in Allah, it is problematic that a person travels hundreds of kilometers to search for Ruqyah.

  • From the point of view of money, it is wasteful.

  • From the point of view of local patients, it violates their rights and burdens the Ruqyah practitioners with a heavy burden.

  • Most Ruqyah cases are long-term and require a substantial investment in time that a traveling person simply can not afford.

  • It leads to exaggeration, with hundreds of people who all want to the same Raqi, and say: "Travel to So-and-So, he has the best Ruqyah!"

For these reasons, one should not consider treating a patient who is coming from outside the local area, unless the following conditions exist:

  • The patient has already tried extensively to perform self-treatment and has strictly adhered to the instructions in this book.

  • The patient strictly adheres to all important protective measures and Sunnahs, especially the mandatory prayers.

  • The patient is a truly serious case, and is either exposed to considerable risk to his religion, or suffers a significant loss of quality in life.

  • The patient has no other family members, friends or Raqi nearby that could help him.

Ruqyah online

An alternative for the one who can not find a Raqi nearby is Ruqyah online, e.g. via Skype or Viber. Of course, Ruqyah is not so effective via Skype, but it can bring results. One will find websites on the Internet, which offer this even for free, or at least the first hour. One can try it, one has nothing to lose. In addition, there are of course many audios that one can listen to.

Websites which offer only the treatment, and charge around 50,- Euros per hour, but neither provide information and material for self-treatment, nor free treatment for people with little money, one should meet with skepticism. One should keep in mind that the treatment of a patient takes about 5-10 hours on average, often even more. If one meets the wrong person, it does not only cause damage to one's savings, but also to faith and trust in Ruqyah!


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