Travel to Jordan

Jordan, land of prophets and the sahabas! Which prophet did not travel through? How many sahabas became martyr here? It is said that there have been more than 20,000 ...

Travel from the 17.3.2008 to 21.4.2008. Not much talk, the pictures should speak for themselves. Many thanks to Abdullah, who helped me a lot in different ways, as well as to all the other kind people I met!


View on Amman

King Hussein Mosque

Mu'tar, Al-Mazar

Maqam Jaffar bin Abi Thalib

Wadi Rum

Clever Nabataeens:
The rain water pouring down the mountain is captured
by the small channel carved out of the rock and lead into a cistern.


Residence of rich osmanic family

Wadi Mujib, Dead Sea
Karak, Shaubak

Karak and Shaubak, two castles in the ring of defence of the crusaders, which later were conquered by Salahuddin.


The famous Map of
Palaestine of Madaba.
The original mosaic in
the church of Saint George
had over two million stones!

Maqam Shuaib

The (alleged) grave of Prophet Shuaib a.s.
With all the graves of the prophets,
except the grave of Muhammad s.a.w.,
there is no 100% certainty, if it is really the grave.


Azraq Desert Castle:

Here one can see how one can build without using wood:
Ceiling and door made out of stone!

Azraq Wetland Reserve:

Nurtured by huge sweet water source, this oasis was once home to elefants, lions, leopards, wild camels, the oryx and other wild animals. That is long ago!

But even until recently hundred thousands of migrating birds made a stop over here on their way from Europe to Africa, until the oasis became sucked empty until the spring died.

Al-Kahfi - Cave of seven sleepers
Qasr al-Amra
Maqam Abu Hubaida