Conversation with Jinn

There are Raqis who do not spend much time talking to Jinn because they perceive it as a waste of time. They ask the Jinn to leave the body if he does not want to be killed, and call the Jinn an enemy of Allah. This puts the Jinn into the defensive, and naturally he will start to lie.

But when one talks to the Jinn, it is an opportunity to improve the situation. Often the Jinn has not entered the patient's body by his own will, but has been forced to do so. Perhaps he did not like his mission, or perhaps he was threatened that his family would be taken as a hostage if he does not carry out the mission. Or he does not understand magic and how he himself has come into the body. Perhaps he can not leave the body because the magic binds him.

For this reason, one should not look at the Jinn as an enemy, but try to cooperate with them, which considerably increases the chances of finding the true reason why the Jinn is there, and perhaps also the Buhul. The Jinn can help destroy the magic and is freed himself.

One must also understand that Jinn can be hurt by humans, and even be mutilated, and that they, as an emotional being, want to practice revenge, sometimes for years because they do not have much else to do, and that man offers the Jinn food and accommodation. This should also be taken into account during a conversation.

A Jinn, who falls in love with a man, does not think much about entering the body. In their world, the Jinn form a couple, without any ceremonies, and it believes that it can do that with humans too. The Jinn usually does not understand that occupying a human body is wrong. On the contrary, it will often see the rival as illegal, ie the wife or the husband of the person concerned.

Why is the Jinn there?

This is the most important thing to know. One can ask him, "What are you doing here?" Often he will not answer, for his power comes from the fact that he is invisible and hidden from us. The more they are discovered, the more we know about them and the more they are weakened. That is why they are suspicious and afraid, we use the information we receive against them.

One has to ask further to get an answer: "Have you been sent by a sorcerer? Has anyone made you come? "Or," Did he hurt you, did he deserve punishment?" Or: "Do you love him? Do you want to be alone with him?"

One has to ask questions until one has answers. Maybe the Jinn will lie, but it will not be hard to see. The Jinn is always lying for a reason. For example, for to stop you reading Qur'an, he will speak through the patient's mouth and promise to go or become a Muslim. In this case, one should not bother him, but ask the purpose of his presence.

To check if the Jinn is lying, one has to cross-examine and quickly ask questions, so that the Jinn does not have much time to think and is possibly entangled in contradictions. Jinn can not lie well.

One can ask him, "How did it happen? Where was it? Since when? What kind of sorcery is it (if it is sorcery)?" Then we check whether the answers are plausible. Of course, we do not have to believe him, and also Jinn can make mistakes. The goal is simply to find a solution, and we can add the testimony of the Jinn to the diagnosis. If he says, for example, the magic would have been eaten while we believe it would be in a cemetery, we treat for both cases.

However, the Jinn often fear us because they know that they get burned. To talk with them about magic and to get useful answers, one has to soothe them by saying, "Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you! I just want to undo the spell so that you are free and the person is healed. I just want you to help me destroy the spell."

If the Jinn is tied to sorcery, it is important to define the kind of sorcery: eaten, written, placed in the body or stepped upon. It may be that the Jinn knows nothing about magic and is not able to give information, but mostly he knows it.

If he does not know, one can ask him, "Can you look into the belly, whether there is any magic?" Or, "Is there anything that keeps you from going out?" Or simply: "Where is the magic hidden?"

Then ask the Jinn whether he is bound to the magic or not, whether the patient still has other magic and whether there are other Jinn. Ask how the other magic is made and why the other Jinn are present.

It may happen that the Jinn refuses to speak, although he has the ability to do so. Pity! Apply the treatment!

But one can also meet very talkative Jinn; they will talk hours and hours as long as one is ready to listen to them. The healer has to master the situation and know when the Jinn is chattering uselessly and interrupting him by saying, "We just want to treat him. We just want to know what is necessary. "

If there are other important information, e.g. about whether other people in the family are affected, take the time to listen, but stop him when he starts chattering again.

One should not ask the Jinn about the person who sent the spell. It is impossible to take revenge on sorceres except by prayers, and when they know they have been discovered, they can begin again. It is best to show them no change in behavior so they think their magic works. If one knows who the sorcerer is, one surely would change one's attitude towards him and he becomes aware of it. The Jinn can also confuse the person or simply lie, and then the wrong person is blamed.

If one has to know who the sorcerer is to avoid him, make prayer and ask Allah to show one the person and tell one how to protect oneself. The best thing is to use the invocation of the oppressed, which is most accepted by Allah (see also the chapter "Returning the Spell"). Sorcerers do not deserve pity or forgiveness. So ask Allah to punish them and avenge you. Do not forget to have the intention to send the magic back to the sender when reciting the Qur'an.

Who is the Jinn?

It is not curiosity to ask for its name, gender, age, and religion, and how long it is already in the body, but it prepares the next steps. Jinn feel strong and arrogant when people do not know them and fear them. When they are made to reveal their identity, they discard their arrogance and open up.

One also has to ask the Jinn how it enters the body of the person, its exact position and its effect on the patient. All this will help one to verify the truth of its words, but it is also a valuable piece of information to drive it out of the patient if the subsequent negotiations are unsuccessful. Then one can put cupping glasses at the spot where it sits and where it enters.

By informing it about our intentions and asking for its help, it developed kindness and began to trust us. It is therefore predisposed to accept our sermon.

Suggest him to become a Muslim

If the Jinn is already Muslim, one will skip this step, of course. It is not surprising how many Muslim Jinn work for sorcerers, revenge on people, or see humans as lovers. They are just like most human Muslims too, full of ignorance and sins.

If the Jinn is a Muslim, one must speak of prayer and good deeds. The religious practices of Jinn differ from ours, but there are more similarities than differences. One can tell it that it can learn about Islamic practices with Muslim Jinn in mosques or directly in Mecca.

Non-Muslim Jinn can be preached in two steps: The Jinn must first realize that Islam is the truth. The second step is to make him convert.

One should not begin to ask him to become a Muslim, because that would be like asking a stranger to become a Muslim. One does not know his present faith or knowledge of Islam. It is therefore very unlikely that he will respond to this request. In addition, such an introduction could affect the rest of the discussion. Before he is asked to become a Muslim, make sure that he has recognized the truth of Islam. One starts a discussion without rushing.

Some Jinn do not want to name their religion or discuss it. Nevertheless, try to make the Jinn speak. If he does not answer the question "What is your religion?" one should ask: "Are you Muslim, Christian, Jewish or atheist?" "You have no religion?"

If he does not answer, one can say, "Do you not want to tell your religion?" When he replies, "No," one can ask, "Why not?" and try to get a discussion started. Try to guess the reason for his rejection and provoke him, such as "You do not want to name your religion because you know it is wrong!" Or, "You know you're going to be a Muslim when you talk to us, so that's why you're silent!"

When he says, "Yes," one asks immediately, "If you know your religion is wrong, is there any reason to hang on to it?" Or, "If you know you'll be convinced, is there any reason for you to refuse to become a Muslim?"

Do not use scientific or rational arguments, but ask him if he knows what the Qur'an is. If he does not know, or knows it, but does not realize that it is Allah's book, tell him: "To prove His existence, Allah sends prophets with miracles. The miracle of the last Prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him, is the Qur'an. It is a miracle for people and Jinn. Its linguistic and scientific content is a miracle for people. It is a miracle for you, as it burns Jinn, if they are disbelieving or disobedient. I will read the Qur'an, so that you can examine it yourself." Then read Sura ar-Rahman verses 33-35:

Yaa m'aschral Jinni wal imi inistata'tum an tanfusuu min aqthaaris-samawaati wal ardhi fanfusuu. La tanfusuuna illa bisulthaan. Fa bi ayi alaa-i rabbikumaa tukassibaan. Yursalu 'alaikumaa shuwathum-min-naarin wa nuhaasun fala tantashiraan.

O company of Jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate [all] regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate [them]! Ye will never penetrate them save with [Our] sanction. Which is it, of the favours of your Lord that ye deny? There will be sent, against you both, heat of fire and flash of brass, and ye will not escape.

Asking the Jinn to listen and get his attention, makes him more vulnerable and hurts him more. If talking to a Jinn and seeing that the discussion is useless, tell him, "Listen well!" He will say, "Yes?" And then one recites with full intensity.

Ask the Jinn if the recitation has burned him, and that he should recognize that the Qur'an is the Word of God. When he realizes this, he also realizes that Muhammad s.a.w. is the Messenger of God.

The difference between da'wah for Jinn and da'wah for humans is that Jinn are much less complicated and more direct. When confronted with the truth, they usually surrender. An indisputable argument usually suffices to convince them, with the permission of Allah.

However, if one fails to convince the Jinn that Islam is the truth, one should think again about what one might have done wrong and strengthen one's weak points. One should take care not to provoke the anger and the arrogance of the Jinn. Each time one should improve one's methods and never give up!

There are many reasons why a Jinn rejects or is reluctant to convert to Islam, even if he has already recognized the truth. If one recognize that something keeps him from doing so, one should ask him directly about it, or ask him if he wants to become a Muslim instead of commanding and exerting pressure on him. The gentle method is also more comfortable for the healer and the patient, and the Jinn could become a Muslim and useful to Islam.

The first reason why a Jinn rejects to convert to Islam is, he knows that he has to leave the body now. This he can not or does not want to because either magic locks him, or because he loves the patient, or he wants to revenge on him, or because the patient gives him shelter.

In these cases one must not try to convince him to go, but must separate faith and deeds: He can accept faith, even if he is not ready yet to practice immediately. One should preach him to love and to be grateful to God for what He has given him, and to take Him as his God and to accept His Prophet and His message.

The second reason why the Jinn is rejecting converting to Islam is because he has objections to it. It is in the responsibility of the Raqi to present Islam correctly. But beware! One should be sincere and do not try to deceive him! One should not say something if one is not sure.

The third reason is that the Jinn is not interested in religion or God. Then one should remember him of the grace of Allah which He has shown us, and the advantages of religion in this world and in the world to come.

The fourth reason is that he still wants to revenge. One has to explain then that the patient has not intentionally injured him, and that he has already suffered enough and there is no reason to continue the revenge. And that forgiveness is an important virtue that leads one to paradise.

The fifth reason is that the Jinn does not want to leave the lover. One must ask him whether he himself would accept a forced marriage. Make it clear to him that Allah does not accept a marriage between Jinn and human beings, and that he thereby oppresses and harms the man whom he pretends to love.

Of course one can not discuss with the Jinn forever. At some point he must be asked to leave the body, which of course he can not do if he is still locked with magic. One can ask him if he can remove the magic himself, which is unlikely, but one can try it.

If he can not, one should tell him to become a Muslim and ask Allah to give him a way out and to heal the patient. Tell him that the effect of magic will be reduced during the following Qur'an recitation, and that he should then search for a gap and a way out. When one reads the Qur'an, the Jinn is burned and contracts and becomes extremely small to get burnt less. This makes it easier for him to leave the body, especially if we support it with hijamah. We inform him that we "help" him to leave the body by reading Qur'an and attacking the magic.

After that, the treatment methods should be resumed. If the Jinn then starts to scream, one gives him another opportunity, says to him the shahadah, and let him swear, not to enter into this or any other body in the future. Then he should leave and the patient regain consciousness.


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