Causes for attack by Jinn

Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend? They descend on every sinful, false one. [As-Suara 221-222]

And he whose sight is dim to the remembrance of the Beneficent, We assign unto him a devil who becometh his comrade; And lo! they surely turn them from the way of Allah, and yet they deem that they are rightly guided. [Az-Zukhruf 36-37]

Commonly, a religious life with regular prayer, Qur'an reading and adhering to essential Sunnah protects against the attack of Jinn. But in many cases this is not sufficient, for the causes of the attack of Jinn are many:

  • Black magic
  • 'Ain, "evil eye"
  • Sin of all kinds. The graver the sin, the more the doors are open and the more Jinn can enter.
  • Inheritance: An ancestor has made a pact with Jinn and allowed him and his descendants to occupy the body of subsequent generations.
  • Learning of certain combat techniques that can make invulnerable or be able to beat opponents over distances, as often the case with Pencak Silat or Kung-Fu.
  • Jinn fall in love with a human or abuse him sexually.
  • One accidentally injures a Jinn and he takes revenge, or e.g. one has unknowingly cut the tree on which he lived.
  • In general, a human offers Jinn a home, where he has food and accommodation, usually better than he can find it elsewhere.

Often there is no obvious reason or occasion, but in general it needs an occasion and a "gap", so that the Jinn can enter. If the defenses of man are not active, which on the spiritual plane are faith, God-remembrance and adherence to the Sunnah of the Prophet ? , and especially when man becomes emotional (very angry, sad or anxious), he is vulnerable.

It is not surprising in today's conditions that the infestation by Jinn has become epidemic. The further the infestation has advanced, the more difficult the cure becomes; not because the healing is difficult in itself, but because the person concerned is so subjugated by Satan that he himself does not want any healing and feels a strong antipathy towards the healing process and potential healers. Thus, e.g. the person concerned is not able to read the Qur'an or does not want to visit a Raqi. And it is nearly impossible to help someone who does not want to be helped.

Sadly, there is an enormous ignorance about Ruqyah and symptoms are often not recognized, although healing would be simple in most cases: the mere reading of certain verses of the Qur'an with appropriate intention. Something that every Muslim should be able to do!

Symptoms of infestation by Jinn or Sihr

Here are a few possible symptoms listed that may occur individually or in combination. If someone has several of these symptoms or a significant one (e.g. one can see Jinn), one should immediately try self-healing, and if one does not feel any relief after sufficient efforts one should go to a healer.

  • Uncontrolled emotions, especially anger or grief
  • Frequently doubt, pondering and anxiety, without any apparent reason
  • Difficulties to concentrate during prayer and often forgetting the number of Rakaat.
  • Difficulties to breathe or heavy tiredness while reading the Qur'an
  • Absence of mind, living in a fantasy world, or one likes to segregate oneself
  • A weak state of mind and the feeling of mental pressure
  • Unexplained pain such as headache, toothache, pain in the chest, throat, stomach, etc., especially if they reoccur at certain times, e.g. always at 9 am or always before prayer
  • Depression
  • Cardiac dysfunction or severe heart palpitations
  • Lazy to worship, disregard of the Sunnah, but swift to sin
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic nausea and / or chronic revulsion
  • Epileptic spasms or otherwise losing consciousness
  • Hearing voices
  • Hearing problems (tinnitus, sudden hearing loss)
  • Paranoid conditions and inexplicable fears
  • One often smells incense or other strange fragrances, also the smell of carrion or rotten things
  • Dizziness, or one sees objects moving
  • Strange deeds or movements that one would not otherwise do as if hanging on a strip
  • Supernatural skills, such as fortune telling, reading other people's thoughts, or often Déjà-vu
  • The feeling or perception of a "presence" or a being. Somebody is behind one, watching one, follows one or touches one
  • Diseases for which no doctor can find an explanation
  • Poor sleep, frequent waking up
  • Difficulties to wake up, especially to prayer
  • Something keeps one firm in one's sleep or presses on one, and it takes a great effort to get rid of it and wake up
  • Dreams in which one is very troubled and want to call for help but is not able to
  • One sees strange, scary things in the dream
  • One is often dreaming of certain animals such as cats, dogs, camels, snakes, foxes, mice, etc.
  • Frequently crying, laughing, screaming, grinding teeth, etc. during sleep
  • One dreams of falling from great heights
  • One often dreams of death or graves
  • One always meets the same people in a dream
  • One sees in the dream indistinct beings
  • Dream that comes true the next day
  • Sleepwalking
  • Impotence
  • Infertility
  • Strong pain during menstruation or uterine problems
  • High cholesterol or sugar levels
  • Cramps, especially at night
  • "Dirty Thoughts"
  • Uncontrolled sex drive or masturbation
  • One often has sex in a dream or is even raped
  • Homosexuality
  • Bipolar
  • Difficulties finding a spouse, or one finds one, but always something prevents the marriage
  • Often dispute with the spouse, divorce
  • Constant quarreling
  • Turning around in life, nothing succeeds
  • One sees crosses during prayer, doubts about Allah and predetermination, etc.
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension, heart diseases of all kinds, pulmonary diseases
  • One often feels prickling at different body parts, especially the shoulder
  • Eczema and especially psoriasis
  • Very naughty child, hyperactive, quickly gets angry, does not want to learn, pray, etc.
  • Quickly exhausted, difficult breathing, chest pain
  • The house appears dark and frightening
  • Frequently nausea
  • Frequent belching and burping
  • Permanent postponement of important things
  • Hatred towards other people, family, friends
  • Business bankruptcy
  • One loses money all the time
  • Losing work or rank
  • One is afraid to look into the mirror
  • Face often pale or yellowish
  • Body often feels hot
  • Constant yawning
  • Loss of appetite
  • General laziness
  • Not being able to concentrate
  • Joking and laughing in excess
  • Feeling of numbness in different body parts
  • Cold feeling in different body parts
  • Generally: abnormalities and excesses, for which there is no apparent cause

If oneis worried about being affected, one should take precaution and treat it and do not delay it for any reason. Ruqyah has no negative side effects, and it is not intended solely for the expulsion of Jinn, but also an alternative healing method. A companion of the Prophet s.a.w. for example healed the sting of a scorpion with the help of Surat al-Fatihah.


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