Unfulfilled baby desire

Getting no children is a hard test, especially for a woman. It can affect the self-confidence and also the marriage. And for a perilous person, perhaps because of envy, jealousy, or revenge, it may well be a target of black magic. However, experience shows that this is not very often the case. Therefore, it should first be ascertained that this is not a biological problem, i. E. one should consult a specialist. If no biological problem can be identified as a cause for infertility, Ruqyah should be considered.

Yet, as always, the most important thing should not be forgotten: getting children is in the hands of Allah!

Allahs is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wants. He gives girls to whom He pleases, and He gives boys to whom He willth. Or He gives both, boys and girls, and He makes barren whom He willth; He is All-Knowing, Almighty. [As-Sura 49-50]

Whether you can not get children because of a biological or a spiritual problem, it is easy for Allah to eradicate this problem if He wants. Hasan al-Basri had the following advice for couples who remained childless: one should take oneself to account and wonder whether a sin might be the reason why God does not bless one with children, and ask for forgiveness.

Ask forgiveness from your Lord; Verily, He is Oft-Forgiving; He will send [rain from] the sky upon you in [continuing] showers, and give you increase in wealth and children and provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers. [Nuh 10-12]

The best Du'a for forgiveness is Sayyidul Istighfar:

Allahumma anta Rabbi, la ilaha illa anta, khalaqtani, wa ana 'abduka, wa ana' ala 'ahdika wa wa'dika mastata't, authubika min sharri ma sana't, abu'u laka bi ni'matika alayya, wa abu 'u bisanbi, faghfirli, fa innahu la yaghfiruth thunuba illa ant.

O Allah, Thou art my Lord, there is no God but thyself. Thou hast created me, and I am thy servant, and I try to fulfill my agreement and my promise towards thee as best I can. I seek refuge with you from the evil of my actions. I bear witness to the good which you have done to me, and I bear witness to my sins, therefore forgive me, for no one can forgive sins except you.

One should supplicate especially for the blessing of having children as the Prophet Zacharias had done, who was then blessed with the prophet Yahya (John):

Rabbi laa tadharnie fardan wa anta khayr-ul-waarithien.

"My Lord! Leave me not childless, though Thou art the Best of inheritors."
[Al-Anbiya 89]

One should pay attention to prayer and daily remembrance of Allah. It is amazing how people master the worst calamaties with these two things. Allah says:

O you who believe! Seek help in patience and prayer, indeed Allah is with the patient. [Al-Baqarah 153]

One should also pay attention to the etiquettes of prayer (see appendix) so that prayer is better accepted by Allah.

One should thank Allah for all that He has one given and be content with the determination of Allah.

And when your Lord proclaimed: If ye give thanks, I will give you more; but if ye are thankless, lo! My punishment is dire. [Ibrahim 7]

Therefore, one should always be grateful and commemorate God in humility so that one is not like those described in the following verses:

He it is Who did create you from a single soul, and therefrom did make his mate that he might take rest in her. And when he covered her she bore a light burden, and she passed [unnoticed] with it, but when it became heavy they cried unto Allah, their Lord, saying: If thou givest unto us aright we shall be of the thankful. But when He gave unto them aright, they ascribed unto Him partners in respect of that which He had given them. High is He Exalted above all that they associate [with Him]. [Al-Araf 189-190]

Now, if one is concerned that the problem could be related to Jinn or magic, one should do both the general protective measures, as well as the 7-day Ruqyah program and the Ruqyah bath. If one considers it necessary, one should then make the full Ruqyah program.

One can also take blackcurrant oil or capsules, and read the following suras and verses on them, with the intention of Ruqyah to destroy the magic:

Al-Fatihah; the three last Suras (3 Qul); Al-Baqarah 102; the verse of the throne (Al-Baqarah 255); Al-Baqarah 284-287; Al-A'raf, 117-122; Yunus 79-82; Taha 65-69. (All these verses can be found in the appendix.)

Afterwards, blow on the oil / capsules and drink the normal dosage described on the pack until the pack is finished.

Treatment for general problems

Ruqyah works not only with Jinn and magic related problems but also with normal medical problems.

Uthman ibn Abil reported that he complained to the messenger of Allah s.a.w. about pain he had felt in his body since the time he became a Muslim. The Messenger of Allah said to him, "Lay your hand upon the part of your body where you feel pain and say, 'Bismillah (in the name of Allah) three times, then say seven times, A`udhu bi`izzat-illah wa qudratihi min sharri maajid wa uhadhir' (I seek refuge in the glory and power of Allah before the evil of what I feel and worry about.)" [Muslim]

At-Tirmidhi added: He said, "I have done this, and Allah has removed what I suffered, and I continued to make my family and others do the same."


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