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IX. 9/11

Now that we have seen that there was rarely a war in world history where the reason for war was not faked, let's look at the incident of 11 th September 2001, which had all the credentials of a Hollywood action movie.

Every detective knows that he must ask himself, who had a motive in the crime and knock off all the suspects accordingly. So who could have a motive?

•  Terrorists (Islamic, communist, other)

•  The government itself or the banksters

Officially it was claimed that Osama bin Laden was the instigator. The mind is under normal circumstances in the position to check and weigh the alternatives, but in times of crisis, this validation mechanism seems to fail. Five minutes after the attack, the world public got focused on "Bin Laden", in the search for order, structure and logic in sight of this senseless, horrific disaster.

Now let us take a look at the evidences that Osama was the mastermind of 9 / 11:

  • 19 Arabic names on the flight lists. Later it turns out that at least seven of them are still alive and in good health in Saudi Arabia.
  • The perpetrators left Arab flight documents and a Koran in a car and were observed during exiting by a witness.

Every Muslim, especially in his last "holy" mission, would most probably take the Koran with him, and no hard-nosed, trained top agent leaves flight documents in an empty car, unless he wants to lay a trail. Surprisingly enough, the suicide pilot with one-way ticket has baggage, not only hand luggage, which he checks in but which, what a chance, got stuck and did not get on the plane and which, how fortunately, contains the prayer and instruction script.

Ask yourself: If the suicide pilot, who is presented to us by the FBI and CNN, wanted to leave a sign of his "heroism", why did he check in the bag and did not just leave it in the hall? If the script in the bag contained instructions for the last few minutes, then why was it not in the hand luggage?

  • Then it was claimed that the terrorist pilots had previously taken Cessna flight hours, but the flight instructor said they had been lousy students and it would be completely inexplicable to him how these people could ever have flown the planes into their targets!
  • The passport of an alleged terrorist pilot was found next to the destroyed WTC, miraculously almost completely unharmed.
  • The "pious" and "professional" suicide bombers leave another Koran in a bar in Florida, where they allegedly got drunk, amused themselves with prostitutes and boasted with the assassination. Quite bumbling assassins it appears.
  • And of course we have several video tapes, on which Osama and Zawahiri take the blame of the attacks on themselves.

To all these so-called 'evidences' says Rex Tomb, 'Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI' on 06/05/2006: "The FBI has no clear evidence that bring Osama bin Laden in connection with the 9 / 11 attacks!" If the FBI itself admits it would not have enough evidence, then how can one start a war?

That the only real hot track to those responsible for the WTC disaster, the strikingly high stock turnover before the attack with put options (betting on falling stock prices of airlines and insurance companies) will somehow fizzle out, was already suspected. One of the banks, which in the days before the attack ordered large quantities of put options of "United Airlines", was the bank "AB Brown" which belongs to none other than the venerable Deutsche Bank. Another puzzle piece makes clear why investigations in this direction would be surely worthwhile, but also a waste of time: Vice-director of "AB Brown" and responsible for "private client relations" was "Buzzy" Krongard - Executive Director since March 2001 and No. 3 of the CIA. Oops!

"The most important thing for us is to find Osama bin Laden. It is our first priority and we will not rest until we have found him."

"I do not know where he is. I have no idea and I am really not interested. It's not our priority."

George Bush, 13. 09. 2001

George Bush, 13. 03. 2002

We ask: If it was Osama, did his plan work out and the infidels refrained from their support of Israel? No, they did not! They also did not fall "into the trap", i.e. Afghanistan, and got destroyed there. On the contrary, there was a devastating defeat for "Qaida" and Taliban! So bad luck for Osama!

Now we take a look at the evidences that it was an "inside job":

  • Bush & Co are proven liars, this is the very first thing! Iraq had no nuclear weapons!
  • WTC Building 7 collapsed without ever been hit by a plane and although it had only small fires that could easily have been extinguished.
  • Larry Silverstein had just rented this building in July for 99 years and insured it over 7 billion dollars.
  • Larry Silverstein said he would have told the fire department, "Pull it!" But neither does this the fire department (because it is the work of special demolition squads), nor can it be organized in just seven hours (it needs two weeks to two months), especially not in a burning building.
  • The NYC Fire Department said, never in history was a steel-framed building destroyed by fire, because in order to melt the steel it takes 2500° Fahrenheit. The kerosene can only generate a maximum of 1800° Fahrenheit, and most of it had already dissipated during the impact. The black flames were a clear indication that the combustion was incomplete and could have never melt the steel frame. The building in Madrid on the picture to the right burned for 17 hours and did not collapse.
  • In the hole that had torn a plane one could see a woman clinging to a steel beam and looking down. So she had survived in the vicinity of the impact, but the fire was said to be hot enough to melt the extremely thick steel girders?
  • The Fire Department called consequently the studies on the cause of the fire a "half-baked farce" (January 2002).
  • For these studies a total of only 15 million dollars were spent, while the Clinton sex scandal investigation had cost 65 million.
  • NORAD, which is responsible for air safety over Manhattan and the Pentagon, and who in the past caught in the prohibited airspace intruding aircrafts 67 times within 20 minutes with a 100% success rate, did not manage it on 9/11 four times within two hours, although they were warned already after the first plane hit? Instead, they sent out their interceptors to sea or they were even never started. Thomas. H. Kean, head of the 9 / 11 Commission, said: "To this day we do not know why NORAD told us what they told us! It was so far from the truth ...!" Senator Dayton said: "They lied to us, they lied to the American people and lied to the 9 / 11 Commission".
  • The planes were randomly occupied only to 20% to 50%, while United Airlines flight are normally occupied an average of 90%.
  • Not one of the four aircraft pilots should have been able to send a distress signal, for which one needs only to simply press a button, because they would have been so shocked by kidnappers armed with wallpaper knives although some of them had been former military personal?
  • The collapse of the towers and Building 7 looked exactly like controlled demolitions look like. In videos can also be seen that during the collapse explosions at regular intervals happened on the lower floors. Firefighters and other witnesses heard explosions in the buildings.
  • The towers collapsed at a pace that a billiard ball needs to fall from the same height, although each floor should have slowed down the collapse.
  • The debris of the buildings were destroyed illegally, making subsequent studies impossible.
  • As mentioned above, days before the attacks, "put options" were made for airlines and insurance companies.
  • At the Pentagon, a plane wreck could never be identified, and also no dead bodies or luggage.
  • All films of cameras of surrounding shops, petrol stations etc. were immediately confiscated and are not published until today.
  • The only film released shows the explosion, but that does not look like an explosion of a plane crash but more like that of a rocket or drone.
  • The airplane was not flying towards the Pentagon in a straight course and hitting Donald Rumsfeld office, it allegedly flew a quite impossible 180 degree turn into the part of the building, which was empty due to renovations.
  • In Pennsylvania, several eye witnesses reported as well that no plane wreckage could be seen (such as Ernie Stull, mayor of Shanksville, Nena Lensbour and others). A photo of the plane wreck was never published.
  • 'The soil had been liquefied, that was the reason most of the wreckage disappeared into the earth', said Bob Lever Knight, a member of the Air National Guard. The soil liquefied???
  • Donald Rumsfeld contradicted in Iraq 2003 the official version that the plane had crashed because the passengers had fought with the pilot, but said instead that the plane had been shot down.
  • Condoleza Rice said one had never expected such an attack method ("We had no idea!") although the government itself had considered earlier such a scenario. At that time they wanted to direct aircrafts into buildings and blame Cuba in order to have a reason to attack (Operation Northwoods 1962).
  • As mentioned above, the flight instructor said about the alleged pilot: "I'm still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the pentagon, he could not fly at all!"
  • Why was the financier of the attacks not bothered that his "team" fell through the flight tests and replaced them?
  • The 9 / 11 Commission told us that the financier of the attacks would not be important. That would be as if the general, who gives the orders, would not be important.
  • How is it possible that a large passenger plane can fly from Ohio to the Pentagon without any help from air traffic control, and could not be perceived by radar, although air traffic control and military were searching for it?
  • Witnesses said that the planes that were flown into the WTC were no passenger aircrafts because no windows could have been seen. (Mark Burnback, FOX reporter)
  • Also the bottom does not look like that of a passenger plane. Instead, you can see an object that resembles a missile pod.
  • Eyewitnesses reported that the object at the Pentagon would have sounded like a rocket. Nobody thought it would have been a passenger plane (besides nobody seeing one).
  • Bush claimed he had seen the first plane flying into the WTC on television, but according to the statement of the Rector of the Elementary School, where Bush was reading fairy tales at the time of the attack, this is not true.
  • According to the BBC, before 9/11 the FBI and the CIA were prohibited by the President to make further investigations on the Bin Laden family.
  • Delmart Vreeland, a former Navy intelligence agent, was arrested in Canada because of counterfeit money. He predicted the attacks.

There are many other evidences not listed here. Who wants to see more proof should also watch:

"Painful Deceptions"

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9/11 Mysteries

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and many others.

Is not it very strange that hardly anything of these evidence appeared on mainstream media? Do we really believe in a free press and that we are told the truth? That we can lay back comfortably in our armchairs with a drink and potato chips, watch television and then know what's going on in the world?

Now we ask again: If the government and the banksters did it, did they achieve their goal? Oh yes, we may say so!

Finally the TAPI-Pipeline can be built (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India). The annoying Taliban-Regime, which demanded too high transit fees got replaced by Hamid Karzai, a former employee of UNOCAL. The billion dollar construction and maintenance of the pipe is conducted by Halliburton, whose former boss is Dick Cheney, now vice-president. What a coincidence!

As a by-product, the opium production increases 1400% of the production under Taliban rule.

As the war on Islamic terrorists and the axis of evil has already begun, Iraq gets immediately in the focus and again, huge profits with oil and weapons together with an important strategic foothold in the region.

Patriot Act and Homeland Security does not only further tighten the screws of the Big Brother State in America but worldwide. Even former "freedom fighters" in Chechnya are now only terrorists and "illegal combatants".

Islam, the only religion that implicitly forbids both interest rates and a paper money economy, is now the declared enemy, and those who call for the establishment of God's commandments dangerous extremists.

Quite certain is also that the terrorist organization Islamic state was founded by Mossad and CIA:

The head of the Israeli secret service, Major General Herzi Halevy, openly admits that it would not be in the interest of Israel if ISIS would be defeated and the great powers would withdraw from the region.

The attack on Syrian positions in Deir Al-Sor by aircraft of the US with over 60 dead, was a huge help for the IS, which immediately after the attack launched an offensive and captured the strategically important mountain Tardah south of the local airport, the last supply route for the remaining 100,000 inhabitants in the beleaguered Deir al-Sor. The US, with their satellites able to read car number plates, said that this had happened accidentally, they had mistaken the Syrian army with IS!

US attacks on those fighting ISIS are nothing new. Instead of bombing IS positions, they bomb those who oppose the IS, such as Hezbollah, the Iraqi forces, and then the Syrian army. Several sources have reported that the US is providing weapons and food to IS terrorists, including Hakem al-Zameli, the chairman of the Iraqi National Security and Defence Committee, and Jafar al-Jaberi, coordinator of the Iraqi army.

The Druse Akram Hassan of Kulanu, a member of the Knesset in Israel, publicly accused Defence Minister Libermann that Israel would support terrorist groups who attacked the Druze in Syria.

Almost all the leaders of IS were previously in Camp Bucca, an American camp in Iraq. It is most likely that they were indoctrinated and brainwashed there to serve as American puppets.

Fars News Agency and Global Research reported that a group of Iraqi forces known as Al-Hashad Al-Shabi had shot down a US Apache helicopter in the Anbar province. Photos of the shot down helicopter were put on the Internet.

Asaad As-Salem said he defected from the US-backed Maghawir al-Thawra group stationed at the At-Tanf base in southern Syria, and surrendered to Syrian government forces along with a number of other militants and their families. This group was supposed to fight ISIS. The reality, however, differed from the proclaimed goal of fighting terrorists, as the unit has never seen action against IS and its commander actually traded the US-supplied weapons with the terrorists - all while the American instructors, deployed at the base, turned a blind eye, the former militant claimed.

Voltairenet.org, founded by French intellectual Thierry Meyssan, who specializes in the analysis of international relations, reports that 500 jihadists of both Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been treated at the Ziv Medical Center in Israel.

Several sources report that the so-called Calif Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a Mossad agent:


The logic is simple and follows the old principle of "divide and rule": the Middle East is to be kept in constant chaos. The main goal, which is almost already achieved, is to incite a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites (Sunni and Shia - The myth of a 1400-year conflict on www.tauhid.net/Sunni-Shia.html).


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X. Steps to a world government
Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal, working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it