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A picture in the mirror
The power of the rational mind is impressively demonstrated to us every day, because all modern technology is based on it. The fact that technical progress is linked with the destruction of the planet is, however, not blamed on rationality...
Quantum physics and perception
Time is an emergent phenomenon that is a side effect of quantum entanglement, say physicists. And they have the first experimental results to prove it. Many paradoxes get clarified now and we get a deeper understanding of our existence and the meaning of the Koran.
Luciferianism is about the idea that humanity can reach divinity through human means. This philosophy is represented symbolically by two mythical figures, which have the same characteristics: Prometheus and Lucifer. Both are regarded by certain groups as benefactors of humanity, since they brought fire and light to the aspiring people, representing divine knowledge...

The description of God as a tyrant, who does not tolerate disobedience, like the Luciferianists perceive it, is correct when we make a picture of God, and perceive Him as a being from which we are substantially different. - (No Copyright !)
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