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The Fitnah of the Dajjal

"Dajjal" means "liar" and comes from "dajala" (cover, conceal) as he covers reality and truth with his lies. Islam has explicitly warned the believers about the fitnah (suffering, temptation, trial) of the Dajjal and told us how to react.
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AI and its impact

Never in history got a technology unleashed on the world that will have such a great impact. Muslims should understand its nature in the light of Islam and its prophecies...


Sailboats have a special status in Islam although it is seldom recognized, most probably because only very few Muslims are sailing nowadays. They are mentioned as a sign for mankind; a sign of his mercy to the steadfast and grateful; and as a means of making one's faith upright...


Islamic Exorcism

There is hardly a better opportunity to witness the power and blessedness of the Qur'an as with Ruqya. With the recitation of the Qur'an alone, devils can be expelled and eliminated. What appears to be a fairy-tale to average “modern” man, is a recognized cure in Islam...

COVID-19, ID2020 & IoT

The fact is: we cannot know for certain where the virus really comes from! But it is also a fact that a crisis like COVID-19 offers a lot of opportunities for those who know how to use it. In an atmosphere of fear and economic decline, things are suddenly possible that were previously unthinkable...

Reflections on
the Muslim Village

Many people had the idea of building a Muslim village, where Islamic lifestyle in a natural environment would be practised, but the idea got very popular once Sheik Imran Nazar Hosein started to propagate it as a means for preparation for the end times...

Review of Yuval Harari’s
"Sapiens" & “Homo Deus”

The books definitely deserve praise due to the amount of details they contain and the way they are presented. Unfortunately, not all information presented are based on facts...

The black banners
from Khurasan

The Bible says that the Jews will conquer the Holy Land that God has promised them. Muslims think this is a misconception because they are sure that Islam will ultimately be victorious. Something explains why both might be right: the black banners coming from the East...